13 May 2015

New adventure: Tranzar's Redoubt

A new, mid-level adventure for Labyrinth Lord is now available from Taskboy Games: Tranzar's Redoubt. From the blurb on the front:

Every fool knows that a cornered conjurer is the most dangerous foe. But a truly wise wizard will always have a fallback plan to use when victory eludes him. A secret place cached with treasure, filled with monsters and guarded by dweomercraft most subtle is the defeated magician's best friend. It is also a juicy plum for professional adventurers. Care to take a bite?

While it can be used on its own, TR was always designed to be dropped into existing campaigns and dungeons to provide unexpected, extended play.

Featuring a roster of pre-generated players, a new gambling mini-game, copious interior illustrations and cartography by Dyson Logo, this location-based adventure is so Old School, you'll want to break out your walkman and go Footloose.

Tranzar's Redoubt is available in PDF and softcover print formats.

01 May 2015

Interactive Fiction: You Wake Up in a Puddle

Hey, let's be honest: you want to burn 10 minutes or so playing a CYOA-style of IF.

I am here to help.

Valnwall Kickstater

I am involved with the The Guidebook to Valnwall Kickstarter, which is a supplement to help flesh out the regions of the Known World suggested in the Labyrinth Lord core rulebook.

I need your help.

If the project reaches $2,000 dollars, I will contribute a hexcrawl adventure that will appear in the special hardcover edition of the guidebook, along with all the other mini-adventures that have been unlocked by the kickstarter. Fun stuff, indeed!

As I write this, the project is less than $100 from unlocking the mini-adventure from me. Let me provide a teaser for this adventure.

It takes a lot to part gold from a merchant's clammy fingers, however the road to Dolmvay provides strong inducement. Bandits, ghouls, werewolves and Gods know what else stand between these merchants and their customers. Your party has been hired to lead a group of such traders through the wilds of Valnwall safely and quickly. Their gold is plentiful, but is it worth your skin?

Please check out the Kickstarter page and back this project, if you can.

Thank you!

08 March 2015

Guide: How to Hexcrawl

You have heard of hexcrawls, those wilderness adventures described in the expert ruleset of the world's most popular fantasy roleplaying game, but you probably aren't quite sure how to run them. You are in great company.

But now, there's help from Taskboy Games:

How to Hexcrawl

This Labyrinth Lord supplemental breaks down exactly what the referee needs, what the players can do and how each game day of the journey should be resolve in easy to follow, bullet point style.

How to Hexcrawl is available now through RPGNow.com.

06 March 2015

Request for comments: How to Hexcrawl

Hexcrawling, that style of RPG play in which the players trek overland for many miles, is a tradition going back to the earliest days of the hobby. However, when I read the rules governing wilderness adventures in Cook's 1981 Expert ruleset, I could figure out how this actually was supposed to work at the game table.

Dan Proctor's Labyrinth Lord retro-clone of these B/X rules does a better job of presenting the material, but still fails to deliver a set of concise instructions on how a DM would run this type of adventure.

I have taken a stab at this.

How to Hexcrawl

This document outlines how to setup and run a hexcrawl using the standard LL rules. I approached the organization of this document as if I were writing rules for a board game to reduce ambiguity.

Right now, this document is in a "public beta" phase, where you can make comments directly on the document about anything you'd like. In a few days, I will close the beta and publish a free PDF of this content on RPGNow. All of the content therein is OGL and will always be free.

Go get your trek on.

31 December 2014

New monster: Siren

Neither LL core nor AEC has monster stats for a siren!

Let me fix that:


No. Enc.: 2-5
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: (walking) 120' (40') / (swimming) 120' (40')
Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 3 + 2
Attacks: 2 (claws) or special
Damage: 1d4/1d4 or Charm
Save: F3
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: VI
XP: 100

Although appearing as a comely maidens in diaphanous clothing, Sirens are really disgraced denizens of the sea who have been banished to rocky islands for some transgression unknown to land dwellers.

Because of their remote habitats, sirens are rarely a problem for dungeoneers. However, experienced sailors take special care to avoid areas known to be frequented by these creatures.

The primary attack of sirens is their beguiling song.  All within 1 mile (or those occupying the same standard sea hex) of a singing siren must save vs. spells or become charmed (as the 1st level Magic-User spell Charm Person).

Note that this spell-like effect targets an area and will affect all who have not taken precautions to stop the creature's sound from reaching his or her ears. The song effects all humanoids of 6 HD or fewer.

Those so ensorcelled will sail or, if unable to control their craft, swimming toward the closest island with sirens. Armor and weapons may likely be discarded by the victim to better prepare for a long swim. However, normal drowning rules apply (q.v. page 46 LL core).

Any charmed person arriving within reach of the siren will be attacked by the sirens, who will attempt to eat their prey.

31 October 2014

In the hopper: The Horror Beneath Graywater Tower

"If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans." -- Woody Allen

I am about 40% complete working through a new full-length adventure for Labyrinth Lord, called The Horror Beneath Graywater Tower. I do not yet have an ETA on the delivery, but the core maps are done, about %30 of the dungeon is stocked. I hope to start contracting out for art assets before year's end.

To whet your appetite, here is the current blurb for the front of the adventure:

Swaying Oaks is a well known sanctuary for those seeking rest and recovery. The bucolic grounds offer quiet reflection to those of trouble mind. However, at the heart of Swaying Oaks lies a forbidden tarn called Graywater. Surrounded by queer stone statuary, the pond features a small skerry on which the ancient ruins of a squat tower molder. Something foul inhabits that broken keep. Can your party uncover what lies beneath?

With any luck, this adventure should be available on RPGNow.com in 2015.

UPDATE: Funny thing happened: I didn't finish this adventure yet. However, another is VERY CLOSE. Let's find out what that means...