26 May 2012

Tech reviewers wanted

Fellow, OSRers! Let me your ears! Or eyes, rather.

My adventure, Manse on Murder Hill, is ready for a technical review. By that, I mean that I am looking for feedback on the quality of the adventure based on the following:

  • Does the adventure hang together in a logic way?
  • Are the motivations of the villains plausible?
  • Are the mission objectives for the party clear?
  • Is it interesting? Would you want to play as a PC? Would you DM it?
  • Does the adventure seem well-balanced? Too much treasure? Not enough?
  • Are the traps too difficult for beginning level characters?
  • Do the maps make sense?
  • What is missing that you expected to see?
  • Are the any rules mistakes? I am targeting the core Labyrinth Lord rule set.

While I am happy to get reports about grammar mistakes and layout issues, I plan to focus on that aspect of production after this phase. I have additional art from Stuart Robertson to add plus coming up with a layout I can live with.

I plan to release the PDF of this adventure for free through RPGNow.com. If there is interest, I may print up some hardcopies to sale. I would like to this adventure to be judge against all the other TSR entry-level modules. I would consider this project a success if some people consider Manse a missing B-level module.

If you are interested in helping in this project (and getting a nod in the module credits), please email (joe.johnston@gmail.com) me. I will share the draft with you.

Thank you for reading.