08 March 2015

Guide: How to Hexcrawl

You have heard of hexcrawls, those wilderness adventures described in the expert ruleset of the world's most popular fantasy roleplaying game, but you probably aren't quite sure how to run them. You are in great company.

But now, there's help from Taskboy Games:

How to Hexcrawl

This Labyrinth Lord supplemental breaks down exactly what the referee needs, what the players can do and how each game day of the journey should be resolve in easy to follow, bullet point style.

How to Hexcrawl is available now through RPGNow.com.

06 March 2015

Request for comments: How to Hexcrawl

Hexcrawling, that style of RPG play in which the players trek overland for many miles, is a tradition going back to the earliest days of the hobby. However, when I read the rules governing wilderness adventures in Cook's 1981 Expert ruleset, I could figure out how this actually was supposed to work at the game table.

Dan Proctor's Labyrinth Lord retro-clone of these B/X rules does a better job of presenting the material, but still fails to deliver a set of concise instructions on how a DM would run this type of adventure.

I have taken a stab at this.

How to Hexcrawl

This document outlines how to setup and run a hexcrawl using the standard LL rules. I approached the organization of this document as if I were writing rules for a board game to reduce ambiguity.

Right now, this document is in a "public beta" phase, where you can make comments directly on the document about anything you'd like. In a few days, I will close the beta and publish a free PDF of this content on RPGNow. All of the content therein is OGL and will always be free.

Go get your trek on.