13 May 2015

New adventure: Tranzar's Redoubt

A new, mid-level adventure for Labyrinth Lord is now available from Taskboy Games: Tranzar's Redoubt. From the blurb on the front:

Every fool knows that a cornered conjurer is the most dangerous foe. But a truly wise wizard will always have a fallback plan to use when victory eludes him. A secret place cached with treasure, filled with monsters and guarded by dweomercraft most subtle is the defeated magician's best friend. It is also a juicy plum for professional adventurers. Care to take a bite?

While it can be used on its own, TR was always designed to be dropped into existing campaigns and dungeons to provide unexpected, extended play.

Featuring a roster of pre-generated players, a new gambling mini-game, copious interior illustrations and cartography by Dyson Logo, this location-based adventure is so Old School, you'll want to break out your walkman and go Footloose.

Tranzar's Redoubt is available in PDF and softcover print formats.

01 May 2015

Interactive Fiction: You Wake Up in a Puddle

Hey, let's be honest: you want to burn 10 minutes or so playing a CYOA-style of IF.

I am here to help.

Valnwall Kickstater

I am involved with the The Guidebook to Valnwall Kickstarter, which is a supplement to help flesh out the regions of the Known World suggested in the Labyrinth Lord core rulebook.

I need your help.

If the project reaches $2,000 dollars, I will contribute a hexcrawl adventure that will appear in the special hardcover edition of the guidebook, along with all the other mini-adventures that have been unlocked by the kickstarter. Fun stuff, indeed!

As I write this, the project is less than $100 from unlocking the mini-adventure from me. Let me provide a teaser for this adventure.

It takes a lot to part gold from a merchant's clammy fingers, however the road to Dolmvay provides strong inducement. Bandits, ghouls, werewolves and Gods know what else stand between these merchants and their customers. Your party has been hired to lead a group of such traders through the wilds of Valnwall safely and quickly. Their gold is plentiful, but is it worth your skin?

Please check out the Kickstarter page and back this project, if you can.

Thank you!