14 January 2012

Tonight's session: The Keep on the Borderlands

My group began module B2, The Keep on the Borderlands today. As usual, we used Google+ hangout for video chat and Twiddla for mapping. The above scrawling suggest that the party got into cave A, fought 6 kobolds and 18 giant rats. However, the rats killed their magic-user straight away. I thought this might be a TPK moment, but the party rallied. Great fun!

For my needs, Twiddla is working out A LOT better than Hangouts with Extras (which includes whiteboarding). Twiddla has a bigger virtual whiteboard, which we need, and better drawing tools.

Again, we share a spreadsheet to track the character roster. That works out really well. We even bought equipment with it and it made calculating the final sale easy!

I crafted another spreadsheet to track play time and events. I call this a diary. Across the columns are turns (1-6) and down the rows are hours (0-23). This makes it easier to know what time of day it is at all times. Also, I track encounters there. I should make a template of this available, but really it's easy to create for yourself.

When I was 30, I couldn't imagine that I'd be playing D&D at 40, but there you are.

I also used the Labyrinth Lord DM screen which I printed out from PDF. That was very helpful. I realize there are many version of this utility out there.

And now, orcs: