15 April 2012

Dwarf and Retainer

Too many interruptions from life have impeded my OSR blogging of late. However, a few notes.

I am pleased that Grognardia's Dwimmermount kickerstater raised %300 of their original goal. $50K is a lot of money to be throwing around. I wonder if this is on the radar of WotC. I suppose it doesn't matter.

I see that Jeff Dee has a series of kickstarters too. I wish to bring more attention to these, as I like to see the original art work restored.

While I love to look at AD&D modules for ideas, I really do not like the ruleset. There is way too much to track in an AD&D game for my tastes. I realize I am not in the majority here. I continue to marvel at the simplicity of the Moldvay '81 rules, which Labyrinth Lords mostly copied (and improved upon: Plate Armor really should be expensive!)

I am late to the party, but I recall seeing a round of discussion on OSR blogs about initiative. In my world, initiative happens at the start of combat only. Then, each side alternates. Is this realistic? Nope, but it is simple. So far, I have had no complaints.

I hope to find more goodies in my Dragon expedition, but I still have tax stuff to deal with. Where is my +4 Battleaxe vs. Bureaucracy when I need it?