31 October 2014

In the hopper: The Horror Beneath Graywater Tower

"If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans." -- Woody Allen

I am about 40% complete working through a new full-length adventure for Labyrinth Lord, called The Horror Beneath Graywater Tower. I do not yet have an ETA on the delivery, but the core maps are done, about %30 of the dungeon is stocked. I hope to start contracting out for art assets before year's end.

To whet your appetite, here is the current blurb for the front of the adventure:

Swaying Oaks is a well known sanctuary for those seeking rest and recovery. The bucolic grounds offer quiet reflection to those of trouble mind. However, at the heart of Swaying Oaks lies a forbidden tarn called Graywater. Surrounded by queer stone statuary, the pond features a small skerry on which the ancient ruins of a squat tower molder. Something foul inhabits that broken keep. Can your party uncover what lies beneath?

With any luck, this adventure should be available on RPGNow.com in 2015.

UPDATE: Funny thing happened: I didn't finish this adventure yet. However, another is VERY CLOSE. Let's find out what that means...