29 December 2011

In B/X D&D, perhaps demi-humans are multiclassed

This is a random thought that I need to exorcise.

Elves seemed to be the most powerful demi-human in the B/X D&D ruleset.  They melee like fighters and cast spells like magic-users AND they go to level 12 (one better than 11, eh Nigel?).

What if all demi-human were fighter/[something] combinations?

The Rockhome gazetteer already posits a dwarf-cleric.  Perhaps halflings are fighter-thieves?
Maybe they all go to 12th level.

Man, halflings got the short-end of the stick.  I'm not really sure why anyone would play one.

And this comes from a avid Tolkien fan.

OK.  Here's a picture of an elf, dwarf and what passes for a halfling.  Don't say I didn't get you anything for New Year's.

You're looking a little blue there, Frodo.