18 February 2012

All Instrumental stereo albums

At the risk of stepping on Grognardia's style, I will be pointing out some of the ads from my collection of ancient Dragon magazines that I feel we all need to know about. Few of these ads will be directly enlightening to players of the game. Most will be a thrilling dark ride into the artifacts that have always surrounded this hobby. Artifacts I both adore and ridicule.

First up come this ad from Dragon #100, published August 1985. Dragon #100 was one of the last issues I received as part of my subscription. Somehow, I missed this ad at time.

It's bad enough that someone wrote, played and record "music for adventure gaming." Then again, I did buy a collection of apocalyptic classical music for Y2K. In any case, this harkens back to the days of Long Playing records (kids, use wikipedia).

Obviously, incidental music was what most of us were missing in our orc slaying.

Perhaps I will uncover an ad for a product that provides "authentic medieval smells of the cities, towns and villages for your next gaming session."

This ad pays the reader in laughs for each additional viewing.

Someone totally needs to write a module called "Empires of Dance."