19 February 2012

Friendly working atmosphere, a reasonable hourly wage

This ad appeared on page 56 of Dragon #47, from March 1981.

How awesome is this ad? Well, EROL OTUS DID THE ILLUSTRATION. That's pretty much all I need to see. But even better, it's an ad for a position at TSR. From the looks of it, it looks like an editorial assistant gig. This is back in the day when being an editor was a job humans had and not just the name of a program.

However, you can perhaps see a bit of the corporate culture taking over at TSR. This ad is like some many of those I see for tech startups these days who have just gotten funding.

Tech startups could easily re-used Otus's graphic to represent software development.

Notice that Doug Blume is referenced. Where is he now?

Also note that Steve Winter saw this exact ad in this issue and applied to TSR. If I were in my 20s and saw this, I would have jumped on it too.