24 February 2012

Go figure

I will return to byting Grognardia's style later this weekend, but tonight I post this fearsome skeletal pikeman. In case I have not made is clear, I am not into painting let alone painting miniatures.

In the early eighties, Dragon magazine regularly published pictures of painted figurines in diorama settings. I am sad to report that these were all poor quality. I am sure these were great examples of painted figurines at the time, but I have seen what the 'Eavy Metal shop pumps out. Wow.

I understand the utility of figurines in resolving combat, but I take a more schematic approach. The DM rules on line of sight issues, how many combatants can be in melee, etc. So, I have had no complaints, but there is a certain arbitrariness to the whole process.

Still, it's just a game about repeatedly bonking beasties on the head.